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Exercise your imagination by making a date with yourself to dream. Call it your “dream date.” Develop the habit of putting your rational mind in neutral while your imagination explores exciting possibilities. When one of your own dreams takes root, tend it like a garden. Then share it with supportive and like-minded people.

If we are wise and able to suppress our arrogance, it is also possible to learn from the mistakes of others. Now that you’ve hopefully had a good laugh, let’s get serious about “mistakes.” Human beings are deeply flawed in two respects. First, we make countless mistakes every day. The curious part is why we harbor fears about making more. Fear of imperfection is the second and far greater flaw.

There’s a corollary to this vision/passion connection. Regardless of whether or not a particular vision lives or dies is less important than for the individual to create a passion connection with any worthy vision. Having a passion-filled vision is crucial to achieving the highest levels of professionalism. It might sound cliché, but find what you love to do and figure out a way to make a living out of it.

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Don’t wait for necessity to wake up your creative capacity. Make it a point to feed your mind daily with stories of dreamers.

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Your newly found enthusiasm will be contagious. As your dream grows, expose it to the skeptics. Your dream may inspire some of them, too. Still, one’s own mistakes handled professionally are the best-learned lessons.