Excel 2010 Migration

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What does the course cover?

This course provides an overview for existing Excel users of the new features and functions of Excel 2010 and where the old features now reside. This course saves time and frustration for existing Excel Users.


Why take this course?

This course introduces the new features and interface of Excel 2010. If you have recently upgraded and are finding it difficult to locate the old functions and tools you were used to, this course will help get you up to speed quickly.


Who should attend?

Existing Excel users new to Excel 2010. The course provides a fast-track migration showing the new features of the interface and the change in the design of this version of Excel. The course also introduces new features and reasons to upgrade.

Course preview

Each course contains high quality, professional, Live demo’s, Downloadable exercise files and Real-world templates for you to use.
Live demo’s
Downloadable files
Real-world templates

Course detail and sample lessons

Section 1: The Basics

Lesson 1: The Basics
View Demo
Lesson 2: The interface
View Demo
Lesson 3: Customising the Quick Access Toolbar
Demo Not Available
Lesson 4: Customising the Status Bar
Demo Not Available

Section 2: Formatting

Lesson 1: Formatting
View Demo
Lesson 2: Number formats
Demo Not Available
Lesson 3: Use of Styles
Demo Not Available

Section 3: Working with lists

Lesson 1: Working with lists
View Demo
Lesson 2: Sort Options
View Demo
Lesson 3: Filter Options
Demo Not Available
Lesson 4: Text to Columns
Demo Not Available
Lesson 5: Remove Duplicates
Demo Not Available
Lesson 6: Working with Pivot tables
Demo Not Available

Section 4: Charts

Lesson 1: Charts
View Demo
Lesson 2: Using the Chart Tools
Demo Not Available
Lesson 3: Inserting and editing a Sparkline
Demo Not Available

Section 5: Formulae

Lesson 1: Formulae
View Demo
Lesson 2: The Formula Tab
Demo Not Available
Lesson 3: The Name Manager
Demo Not Available
Lesson 4: The Watch Window
Demo Not Available
Lesson 5: Calculations group
Demo Not Available

Section 6: Saving and Printing

Lesson 1: Saving and Printing
View Demo
Lesson 2: Saving options in 2010
View Demo
Lesson 3: Options in the page layout tab
Demo Not Available
Lesson 4: Inserting Headers and Footers
Demo Not Available
Lesson 5: Print Preview options
Demo Not Available
Lesson 6: View tab options
Demo Not Available

Skills you’ll learn

What you’ll be able to do after the course

  • Navigate your way around the new interface
  • Open, Save and Close workbooks
  • Format numbers and styles
  • Work with lists – filters and pivot tables
  • Use the formula tab
  • Print and page layout options
  • Headers and footers

How you can apply these skills

What you’ll be able to use these skills for

  • Work with the Quick Access toolbar and ribbon
  • Filter and sort lists of data
  • Print and layout a spreadsheet with headers and footers
  • Remove duplicates from lists
  • Use the new Chart tools
  • Customise the Excel interface
  • Format cells using styles and formatting rules

What’s next?

Upon completion, you can move onto Excel Level 2, then 3. After you have completed the 3 levels you will be ready to take the Expert or Specialist courses in Excel for advanced Certification and for preparation for the Microsoft Certification exams.

Careers that require these skills at this level?

Excel is used in practically every business and in nearly all departments in those businesses – ranging from sales to accounting and administration. Any office role will require you to be proficient to this level.

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