Pivot tables

Organise and analyse

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What does the course cover?

Excel Pivot tables provide a powerful way to summarise and report on vast amounts of Data. You’ll learn in detail how Pivot Tables work and the structure that must be followed to create useful reports and charts. This course is vital to gaining the most from this powerful feature of Excel.


Why take this course?

This course covers the use of Pivot Tables and Pivot Charts, one of the most powerful data analysis tools available in Excel. If you need to work with databases or tables in Excel and report on that data, chances are that Pivot Tables will provide the fastest way to report and build charts on that data.


Who should attend?

Anyone using Excel unfamiliar with Pivot Tables who is working with lists of data, perhaps filtering or sorting that data. Pivot Tables provide a powerful interactive way to query the data and summarise the results quickly and easily.

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Course detail and sample lessons:

Create a pivot chart from a list

Lesson 1: Introduction
View Demo
Lesson 2: Why do we use a pivot table?
View Demo
Lesson 3: Create a pivot table from a list
View Demo
Lesson 4: Formatting the Pivot table
Demo Not Available
Lesson 5: Create a pivot chart from a list
Demo Not Available
Lesson 6: Formatting the Pivot Chart
Demo Not Available
Lesson 7: Refreshing a pivot table and pivot chart
Demo Not Available
Lesson 8: Drill down lists
Demo Not Available
Lesson 9: Slicer tool
Demo Not Available
Lesson 10: Multiple headings in table
Demo Not Available
Lesson 11: Copy and paste into other worksheets
Demo Not Available
Lesson 12: Copy and paste into Word and PowerPoint
Demo Not Available
Lesson 13: Using action settings
Demo Not Available
Lesson 14: Using Calculation settings
Demo Not Available
Lesson 15: Turning on and off option in Show group
Demo Not Available
Lesson 16: Editing Pivot table options
Demo Not Available
Lesson 17: Extra options in Excel 2013
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Skills you’ll learn

What you’ll be able to do after the course

    • Check source data to ensure it’s correctly organized for Pivot Table results
    • Figure out which data to put in row, column, or page areas
    • Update or refresh the data in a pivot table when it is required
    • Drill down into data using Pivot Slicer tool
    • Work with the pivot slicer tool
    • Use Pivot Action settings
    • Learn about new features available with Excel 2013

How you can apply these skills

What you’ll be able to use these skills for

  • Building summary reports from phone systems or accounts databases
  • Build and format a pivot chart
  • Summarizing sales based on sales person or region
  • Calculating inventory levels and re-order quantities
  • Use Pivot Charts to help make management decisions
  • Analyse internet traffic statistics or Google reports
  • Copy pivot charts into Word or PowerPoint


When you pass that you will receive an internationally recognised accreditation certificate like this:

What’s next?

Upon completion, you can move onto Excel Level 3, and you’ll also be ready to complete our Macros course. After you have completed Excel level 3 you will be Certified as an Excel Expert.

Careers that require these skills at this level?

Excel is used in practically every business and in nearly all departments in those businesses – ranging from sales to accounting and administration. Any office role will require you to be proficient to this level.

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